Housing, Key to a Successful Integration

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FHCQ-FECHIMM, in collaboration with the Social Center for Immigrant Assistance (CSAI), undertook a project in the fall of 2019 to promote better integration of newcomers in the various tenures of social housing (cooperatives, NPOs and HLM).


  • To better equip workers in organizations that assist immigrants in social housing
  • To develop the intercultural skills of social housing workers and prevent discrimination
  • Accompany newcomers during the selection process and during their integration into their new living environment

Colloquium Housing, the key to successful integration

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The Fédération de l'habitation coopérative du Québec, in collaboration with the Centre social d'aide aux immigrants, invites the administrators of housing cooperatives and the managers of NPOs and HLMs to a symposium on the theme of the integration of newcomers in the various tenures of social and community housing. Read more

The Challenges of Integration

Immigration, vital to the development of Montreal, comes with challenges for both newcomers and the host society. Access to decent and affordable housing is a very important one. Read more

Is your co-op inclusive? Take the test!

Is your co-op doing its part to help integrate newcomers? This quiz, developed as part of the Housing is Key to Successful Integration project, asks you to assess your co-op's level of inclusiveness.

Testimony on the contribution of newcomers in housing co-ops

Publications on the project


The "Housing, Key to Successful Integration" project is funded by the City of Montreal - Bureau d'intégration des nouveaux arrivants à Montréal (BINAM) and the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration du Québec (MIFI). It is one of the initiatives selected following the call for projects under Montreal Inclusive 2018-2021, an action plan to make communities, institutions and living environments more inclusive.

The Centre social d'aide aux immigrants (CSAI) is partnering with the FHCQ-FECHIMM in this project. The organization's mission is to accompany immigrants, regardless of their status, in their journey towards full integration and active participation in the host society.

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Nadine Noël, project coordinator