Planning and construction work assistance

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The reference for planning and implementing renovation projects in housing co-operatives

FHCQ offers a range of comprehensive and professional services in the planning and implementation of renovation projects.

  • Building’s health check
  • Customized expertise
  • Five year budget plan
  • Assistance in your renovations

FHCQ’s technical advisors

  • are able to perform property inspections, to properly estimate the cost of the work and plan their schedules
  • master the rules of managing renovation projects
  • master regulatory aspects related to buildings
  • act in the interest of the co-operative at all times

Building’s health check (BSI)

The BSI is a visual inspection of the components of all housing units and all public areas, in addition to an assessment of the whole building and the land.

Your directors receive a detailed report identifying :

  • significant disorders in each unit, common areas and the whole building
  • an appropriate recommendation for each of the disorders found
  • an estimate of the costs for each specific disorder and an overall assessment for each building

Carried out by one of FHCQ’s technical advisor, the BSI allows you to properly plan your budgets and interventions over a 5 year period with an independent resource. The BSI can also assist in your refinancing efforts, if any.

Support in your renovation works

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The completion of major renovation projects requires knowledge and skills that are not always available in a housing co-operative. Moreover, it is not easy to find members available to monitor projects that may take several weeks or months.

FHCQ’s technical advisors respect the decision-making autonomy of directors and represent the cooperative vis-à-vis professionals, contractors and government agencies.

Their expertise include :

  • planning the work in project mode
  • calling for tenders and hiring professionals and/or contractors
  • monitoring the work
  • monitoring guarantees

The working methods of technical advisors :

  • reduce risks associated with the projects
  • provide better implementation cost control
  • increase the level of quality of the work done
  • ensure the administrative compliance of the projects with their vis-à-vis government agencies ## Mutualisation des travaux de rénovation


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