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This page lists materials, training workshops and resources available to both co-ops and people with immigrant backgrounds



  • A Guide to Creating Inclusive and Egalitarian Policies and Bylaws in My Co-op](
    This guide was developed by housing co-op residents who came together to collectively brainstorm strategies for more inclusive integration using an intersectional GBA+ approach.

  • Selected Rules
    In order to promote fair and equitable practice in the selection of new members and in the allocation of units, this model may serve as a by-law that establishes screening and selection criteria and sets out procedures for the selection and allocation of units.

  • Member Agreement
    The purpose of this model contract is, on the one hand, to specify the rights and obligations of the cooperative and the member and, on the other hand, to confirm the member's adherence to the objectives pursued by the cooperative as well as to the rules governing its internal organization

  • Guide to life skills, guiding skills and any other guide for tenants with disabilities
    This guide gives you some advice to better apprehend an encounter with a visually impaired person in order to give him all the help he needs with rules of conduct that apply to both sighted and visually impaired people.


Self-assessment tool

  • Test: How inclusive is your co-op? Is your co-op doing its part to promote the integration of newcomers? This questionnaire, developed as part of the Housing for Successful Integration project, asks you to evaluate the degree of inclusiveness of your co-op.

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Partner Resources

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