Management assistance

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The reference to management assistance and bookkeeping in housing co-operatives

While preserving the autonomy of the cooperatives, FHCQ offers a range of comprehensive and professional services in terms of management assistance.

  • Financial management
  • Property management
  • Management of community life
  • Bookkeeping

An offer tailored to the needs of housing co-operatives

FHCQ’s multidisciplinary and versatile team has a good knowledge of the various funding programs and the legal framework for housing co-operatives. Depending on your needs, it is able to provide a continuous or ad hoc support for your board and your committees.

Financial management

Whatever funding program and end of operating agreement your co-operative has, FHCQ’s expertise can help you better control financial issues your board and your committees face.

  • Preparing and follow-up on annual budgets
  • Calculating tenant subsidies
  • Preparing funding applications for major projects and multi-year budgets

Property management

FHCQ’s support in property management is to help your co-operative preserve its mission and its property assets.

  • Selection of member-tenants
  • Monitoring rents and enforcing rent collection policies
  • Assistance in routine maintenance

Major renovations

In collaboration with the planning and building renovations support team, the management consultants at FHCQ can also assist you in planning for major repairs.

Management of community life

Democratic management, which is the strength of housing co-operatives, is also a major source of challenge with which FHCQ can help your co-op with.

  • Assistance in organizing general assemblies
  • Hosting and chairing assemblies and meetings
  • Assistance to the Board of directors

Assistance to the committees

In collaboration with the education team, FHCQ’s management consultants can help you set up and ensure the proper functioning of various committees necessary for the proper management of your co-operative and revise your policies and regulations.


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By contracting your cooperative’s bookkeeping to our team of skilled technicians, you win all the way.

  • Always up-to-date reliable accounting records
  • Greater transparency and better internal control
  • Storage of compiled accounting data
  • More effective follow-up and budget control
  • Better planning to better respond to unforeseen situations
  • An up-to-date register of reliable tenants to support representations at the Rental board
  • Preparation of the RL-31 slip

Payment of rent

Co-operatives using FHCQ’s bookkeeping services can benefit from package deals including rents deposit. A preauthorized rent payment service is also available for co-operatives using the bookkeeping service.


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