Political action committee

Large action politique

Mobilization and political organization

The 2012 EGA was an opportunity for FECHIMM to revive the activities of the political action committee, established in November 2007 to better represent the interests of member cooperatives. FECHIMM presented a general framework and a new operating method for the political committee.

While agreeing that the committee should have a budget, permanent support from a staff member, autonomy and all the necessary flexibility, the Board states that the committee is not a decision committee and must work within the objectives and priorities of the Federation.

For the Board of Directors, the Committee is also a place of concrete achievements, dedicated to the implementation of political projects and field work. Lyse Cloutier, board member of FECHIMM, has been appointed liaison officer between the Committee and the Board of Directors.

Main fields of action for the committee

The committee's mandate is to look out for the issues and struggles related to cooperatives. It should also participate in the mobilization and political organization, while promoting social and political education of members.

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