To become a member

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The procedure to follow

For your cooperative to become a member of the FHCQ-FECHIMM, you need the approval of your general assembly. A resolution stating this approval must be supplied with the application form duly completed. The memberhsip of your cooperative must be approved by the Board of directors of the FHCQ-FECHIMM and is also conditional to some criterias.


To become a member of the Federation, a cooperative must :

  • be incorporated according to the Law;
  • have its head office and the majority of its operations on the Federation's territory;
  • have signed a membership application form to the Federation ;
  • abide by the general by-laws ;
  • be accepted by the board of directors;
  • subscribe the number of social shares as required by the general by-law in article 2.1 and pay them according to article 2.2 ;
  • pay the annual fee as determined by the general assembly ;
  • take part in the activities and in the operations of the Federation ;
  • abide by the provisions of article 232 of the Law.


To become a member, every cooperative must also buy 10 qualification social shares of ten dollars ($10.00) each.


$ 51.14 / housing for the first 50 units + $ 24.95 per additional dwelling

The cooperative that pays this contribution is a member of the Federation and enjoys the following benefits:

  • Participation and voting rights at general meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Free advice (online and by phone)
  • Subscription of all renter members to CITÉCOOP magazine
  • Access to the members section of the and web page for the coop
  • Low rates on insurance protection: buildings, directors' liability, personal property and auto
  • Training credits
  • Avantages COOP cards giving access to purchasing groupings for the cooperative and its members
  • A wide range of services designed for housing co-ops


  • Coop in formation $ 124.74 / year
  • Housing committees, GRTs and acquiring corporations: $ 124.74 / year

For more information

Natalie Joseph
514-843-6929, ext. 246