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Mandated by the Société d'habitation du Québec, FECHIMM offers a range of services to co-operatives from the PSBL-P program . It manages the local bank of applicants (Central-Housing-COOP) for the 47 co-operatives of the PSBL-P program in Montreal. It also offers, through the Service Centre (SC), technical support for these co-operatives for their construction work.

Central-Housing -Coop

Registration and processing center for co-operative low-income housing

Central-Housing-Coop is a one-window delivery set up for people applying for low-cost housing units wishing to live in a housing co-operative in the PSBL-P program. Since June 2004, FECHIMM has been managing the register of applicants for Central-Housing-Coop in the Montreal territory. Mandated by the Société d'habitation du Québec, the Federation receives and processes applications for candidates for the 47 co-operatives in the PSBL-P program in Montreal. It then forwards the requests received to PSBL-P co-operatives.

By entrusting Central-Housing Coop with the processing of applicants seeking a low-income housing unit in your co-operative, you win all the way. In compliance with your autonomy and your specific co-operative criteria, you get a uniform and equitable treatment of the applications, consistent with the affordable housing allocation regulations (FR).

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Service Centre (SC)

Co-operatives from the PSBL-P program receive technical support to carry out their renovations. The Service Centre (SC), the result of an agreement between the Housing co-operative movement and the SHQ are there to help these co-operatives through all the steps leading to the completion of this work.

Services offered by the SC

  • the implementation and the follow-up on the health check of the building (BSI);
  • developing multiyear intervention plans (PPI);
  • project management when construction work is being done.

The SC can help PSBL-P cooperatives to :

  • plan the project by preparing the mandate for professional services;
  • verify if expertise, plans and specifications, as well as budgets and deadlines with the mandate entrusted are in compliance with the regulations;
  • award contracts by preparing tenders and take part in the bid opening;
  • ensure the quality of the work by representing the client during the different stages of the renovations, when closing the file and the management of the one year warranty.

The health checks of the buildings

The health check is in the form of a report which is divided into three sections :

  1. the housing developments inspected, the name of the inspector, the list of properties and buildings inspected and descriptions;
  2. the summary of the amounts that the inspector recommends investing for each group of property for five years, broken down by fiscal year and their impacts;
  3. the deficiency reports by building for which an intervention is required, and following the intervention priority.

Multiyear intervention plan (PPI)

The multi-year intervention plan (PPI) falls within the framework of investment management for the maintenance and improvement of social housing subsidized in the operating deficit, which includes PSBL-P co-operatives. It can serve many purposes, including filing a RAM budget application (the replacement, improvement and modernization envelope). The PPI Application - RAM budget application, is the computer tool developed by the SHQ to enable organizations to communicate their needs in the RAM budget.

Expenses under the RAM budget

The types of expenses under the RAM budget are :

  • the cost of the work to be done in social housing units;
  • professional fees related to the work ;
  • relocation costs for tenants ;
  • fees paid to a SC for the following services: the realization of the health check of the buildings, the development of the PPI and the coordination of the implementation of major projects.


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