Training for the integration of newcomers

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Various training sessions are proposed within the framework of the project in order to better equip the workers of the organizations that help immigrants in social housing, to develop the intercultural skills of the workers of the social housing organizations and to prevent discrimination and to accompany the newcomers during the selection process as well as during their integration in their new living environment.

Preparing candidates for selection interviews (in English)

This training is designed to prepare newcomers to apply to housing co-ops and succeed in the selection interview stage.

Selection: integration and inclusion in housing cooperatives (in French)

This training is designed to educate selection committees about unconscious biases that can interfere with the evaluation of applicants and to equip them to promote inclusion and integration in their decision-making.

The Different Tenures of Social Housing (in French)

The training on the different social housing tenures produced in collaboration by FECHIMM, OMHM and FOHM allows for a better understanding of the different forms of social and community housing, the conditions of access and the forms of involvement of the three different existing social housing tenures: low-cost housing (HLM), housing cooperatives (COOP) and non-profit housing organizations (OSBL). These stakeholders will then be able to better inform the newcomers who frequent their organization.

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