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You can now register for one of the 23 workshops on the Fall 2022 FHCQ training calendar. Please note that all workshop are in French.

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A new training on the Excel spreadsheet

This new training (3 hours) in two parts (September 19 and 28) covers the basic functions of the Excel spreadsheet. The first session introduces the spreadsheet, its usefulness, the interface of the software, the layout of a table, the calculations and the basic functions of the software. It will allow you to familiarize yourself with this type of software with multiple functions: database management, invoicing, budget, production of graphs...

In the second part, you will be able to deepen your understanding of the basic calculations and functions. Links between cells and sheets as well as printing tables are also on the agenda for Workshop 2.

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A new curriculum for the secretarial program

The secretarial program has been revised and is now divided into two 3-hour workshops. These thoroughly revised trainings aim at giving you the basic tools to ensure a good functioning of the secretariat management.

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Most of the training sessions are offered by videoconference, but the fall marks the gradual return of in-person and hybrid workshops. Information on the format is listed below the workshop description.

To facilitate learning, some of the 3-hour videoconference courses are also presented in two parts and two dates. The calendar also includes 6-hour courses.