2022 AGM

The decisions of the assembly

Large decisions aga 2022

The co-op delegates adopted three resolutions. The participation of seniors, the optimal size of co-ops and the access of Quebec co-ops to federal programs received their attention.

Countering ageism and ableism in co-ops

It was resolved that the FHCQ be given the mandate to promote the concept of "By and for seniors, nothing about us without us" to counter discrimination, ageism, and ableism and to encourage the full participation of marginalized groups (people with disabilities, seniors, and any other minority group) in housing co-ops.

Focus on the creation of small and medium-sized co-ops

Considering the current trend in Montreal to create very large housing co-ops, the resolution calls on the FHCQ to promote primarily the creation of co-ops of less than 100 units. The preamble to the resolution notes the difficulties of implementing true democratic management and a friendly environment beyond a certain size. The use of the adverb "primarily" is intended to reflect the great need for housing and the need to make cooperative projects viable.

Access to federal programs for Quebec co-ops

The meeting gave the Federation the mandate to lobby the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to allow co-ops in the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ) programs access to all federal program funds.