2022 AGM

Annual report 2021

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A wind of change blew over the Federation in 2021. While COVID disrupted the team's activities for a second year in a row, the pandemic did not prevent members from feeling the need for renewal within FECHIMM, which officially became the Fédération de l'habitation coopérative du Québec (FHCQ) in fall 2020.

The co-ops did so by electing a new team of directors determined to review the Federation's orientations to better meet the needs of housing co-ops.

In light of the democratic choice, the new board and executive director, Gilles Nadon, agreed that a change in leadership was necessary. To ensure smooth operations following the departure of the executive director, the board chose to rely on its executive committee, supported by a transition committee of staff members.

The vision of the new team took the form of an orientation plan articulated around four major, resolutely cooperative axes integrating objectives of perpetuation and development of real estate assets, but also of preservation of associative life and community life.

In line with these objectives and following a broad consultation with members, partners and staff, the profile of the position of Executive Director was reviewed and the Board of Directors chose Patrick Préville, a specialist in reputation management, to lead the Federation.

By the end of the year, the outlook was clear. A renewed federation was emerging. A more visible federation, a stronger voice to defend the distinctiveness of co-operative housing and to meet the needs inherent in its success was taking shape.

To consult the 2021 activities report (FR)