Our coop

In 2004, a dozen artists driven by a common desire to get closer and work together decided to take steps to create a common living space in the heart of Montreal's urban activity. In October 2011, the members of the Radar Co-operative were finally able to move into the 47 units of their new building located in Village.Designed for artists and cultural workers, Radar is a housing cooperative whose objective is to offer its members the best possible housing conditions, as well as an environment, centered around values of solidarity, mutual aid and fairness.

Info members

A co-operative is a member-run place, which means that the members collectively own the building. Consequently, it is essential to understand that the members of any co-operative are responsible for the maintenance of their dwelling and the building as a whole. In addition, involvement and consistency are essential qualities for living in a co-operative. Indeed, Radar members benefit from a $300 discount on the price of rent: this discount is conditional to an active participation in committee meetings, to attend General Assemblies and to carry out assigned tasks. This engagement is essential, otherwise the member discount could be canceled. For this reason, the main eligibility criteria is a desire for significant involvement and commitment in a collective project. Before making your request, it is strongly suggested that you find out more about life in a co-operative by consulting the FHCQ website.

Information for the candidates

Only candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be called for an interview. The criteria are as follows:
• Be a professional artist or cultural worker for at least two years.
• Commit to a training on life in a co-operative (for candidates who have never lived in a co-operative).

• Have already lived in a cooperative.
• Have experience in the community sector.
• Enjoy teamwork.
• Have interpersonal skills, initiative.

• Have taken training on life in a co-operative (“My Coop, my choice!” or “Vivre en Coop? Pourquoi pas!”, both given by FHCQ, or any other training developed by a housing co-operative).

Anyone wishing to become a member and meeting Radar's eligibility criteria must complete the membership form, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, in addition to providing the following documents:
• One-page cover letter demonstrating your desire to live in our Co-operative and reporting on your artistic or professional approach.
• Portfolio (electronic format – PDF document or link to a website, etc.) or list of publications.
• Curriculum vitae, recently updated, of a maximum of 2 pages