Unes Les Autres  (Les)

Our coop

" Les Unes et les Autres " housing cooperative (Montreal) was created in May 1982. It is composed of 2 buildings located in the Centre-Sud district of Montreal. Participation, sharing, inclusion and collaboration are at the heart of our values and our approach. We are a small cooperative of 12 units where dynamic and involved members live.

• To bring together people interested in occupying a cooperative housing
• To improve and administer housing for the use of its members
• To promote cooperative housing in its dual economic and social aspects
• To be the spokesperson for its members in all matters related to the protection of their collective interests

• 6 units on 3 floors
• 3 ½
• 1 closed bedroom
• Open kitchen and living room
• Heating and electricity under member's responsibility
• Landscaped yard (access for all members)
• Outdoor storage space
• Green alley
• Front and back balconies
• On-street parking (sticker and non-sticker zones)

• 6 units on 3 floors
• 4 ½
• 2 closed bedrooms
• Heating and electricity under the member's responsibility
• Landscaped yard (access for all members)
• Gardening space
• Outdoor storage space
• Front and back balconies
• Priority given to 2 persons
• On-street parking (sticker and non-sticker zones)

• A board composed of 5 members for a 2-year mandate
• Different committees where members are called to participate throughout the year: maintenance and work, selection of new members, social events and cooperative life

Information for the candidates

At the moment there are no units available. You are interested in our cooperative ?

Here is the information and the procedure to follow

• Involved in the cooperative life
• Work in a team
• Collaborate and take initiative
• Interpersonal skills
• Manual skills (a plus)
• Administrative and bookkeeping skills (a plus)

• Complete the "Demande de logement" form

In the case of availability of housing, the selection committee will make a first selection of the files and will communicate with the selected candidates for an interview. The files received will be kept for one year.
Notice to individuals interested in submitting their application. In order to complement the expertise and talents within our housing cooperative, a profile with manual skills (carpentry, plumbing, electricity, etc.) would be an ideal candidacy.