Our coop

Small cooperative (11 members)

10 apartments 4 1/2 and 1 apartment 7 1/2

300 m from Crémazie metro
Community garden: vegetables, fine herbs
Laundry in the basement

Heated apartments, two balconies, clothesline
Storage space in the basement

Info members

The majority of our apartments have no closed room or a closed room.
Ideal for single person, couple or single parent family with one child

Cats accepted

Information for the candidates

Our waiting list is currently open for our 4 1/2 and 7 1/2. To begin a selection process, please send a cover letter and resume to: candidature.coopdesonze@gmail.com.

We are looking for a‧e member with good manual and/or management skills. If you have already taken the "My Co-op, My Choice" training from FECCHIM that is a plus. Any associative or community experience will be taken into account.
Please also specify which apartment you are applying for.

If your profile corresponds to our needs, the selection committee will contact you. However given the large volume of applications, we cannot respond to all‧e‧s. This situation is quite unintentional on our part and we apologize.

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