Aurore (L')

Our coop

Located on the border between the Sainte-Marie and Hochelaga districts, our cooperative includes 12 three-room apartments including one closed bedroom; ideal for a person living alone.

Info members

If you wish to become a member of the L'Aurore cooperative, please send the selection committee a cover letter indicating:

  • Your contact details
  • Your occupation | work, studies, etc.
  • Your motivations for becoming a member of our cooperative
  • Your skills and interests | manual work, plumbing, electricity, writing, secretarial work, accounting, management, etc.

Information for the candidates

The selection will be made according to the needs of the cooperative.

You can send us your letter by email (in PDF format) or by mail to the following addresses:

Selection committee
L’Aurore Cooperative
2175, rue Florian,
Montreal, Quebec)
H2K 2P4

We will keep your request for a period of one year at the end of which, in accordance with the law, it will be destroyed.