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The Anderson Coop is not subsidized. To apply, please send to our postal address the form "File for applicants" found on this page with all the requested information:

Anderson Housing Cooperative
Selection Committee
C.P. 1057, Succ. Desjardins,
Montréal, (Qc)
H5B 1C2

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The Anderson Coop, established in 1988, originated from a group of tenants and residents of downtown Montreal. They have invested their time and effort to ensure a residential occupancy in their neighbourhood as well as the conservation of the 19th century buildings they occupy and which are endowed with great architectural value. Members of the Anderson Coop recognize that they are part of a social self-management project. The Anderson Coop members aim to improve both their home and encourage their way of life in this highly urbanized area of downtown Montreal located at the convergence of Chinatown, of the Entertainment district (“Quartier des spectacles”), the Quartier International, the business district and Old Montreal.

Information for the candidates

Cooperative experience an asset. Priority given to low income households.