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Please note that all activities are in French

Think about the future of housing co-operatives

Centre Saint-Pierre – November 23, 2019

Healthy co-ops, a solidary movement

The 2019 edition of FECHIMM’s Working Group will allow members of housing co-operatives to focus on fundamental issues that affect the health of their coop, and seek to the sustainability of the co-operative housing network.
Through five thematic workshops, members will be invited to brain-storm solutions to the challenges of managing large co-operatives,addressing aging in co-operatives, integrating new technoliges, re-financing, and using intercooperation.

A choice of five workshops in the morning

9:15 am to à 12pm


In a co-operative of 80, 100, or even 200 dwellings, it becomes difficult to assign tasks to all members. Managing the participation can become a real headache that monopolizes the time of the board of directors and the committees. Can the model of participation, developed forty years ago, function in a large coop? Does the model of everyone having a task work in a coop with 200 members?


People aged 65 and over represent 30% of members of housing co-ops. This reality presents a challenge for co-operatives that rely on the participation of their members for their management. It is also a hardship for seniors who have to deal with poorly adapted homes. How can we concretely adapt the operations of co-operatives to this demographic change that will only increase in the coming years? FECHIMM’s Senior Committee is already addressing the issue that is of concern to all housing co-ops.


In theory, there is consensus concerning the sixth cooperative principle, but putting it into practice is another story. Beyond membership to the federation, co-operatives rely on their members to manag eall elements of coop life.. However, an intercooperation movement is taking shape in different neighborhoods. Co-operatives are trying to break down isolation, to share practices and resources in order to better succeed. How can practicing inter-cooperation concretely contribute to the vitality of housing cooperatives?


Many co-operatives, including those whose operating agreement is coming to an end, must obtain funding to carry out renovations. The programs put in place by CMHC and the SHQ can help them with the financing of these projects. What steps do coops need to follow to get funding? What are the criteria laid out by different funders to be eligible for funding? This workshop seeks to clearly answer questions about financing.


We are living in a wired time. New technologies can have a positive impact on many aspects of people’s lives. Can technologies be of benefit to housing coops?. How can they simplify and optimize the participative management of housing co-operatives?
The Federation is preparing a major overhaul of our website and wants to hear the members' views on the tools most likely to help them ensure the sound management of their collective enterprise.

Optional activities at lunch time


12:10 pm to 1:40 pm

A group of cooperatives from Plateau Mont-Royal has created a fun activity to explore the history of the co-operative movement (in Québec? In Canada?) In the world?), while promoting exchanges between long-time members and new ones. The activity is inspired by the board game Timeline. The participants must put in chronological order important moments in the history of the co-operative movement. Those wishing to take part in this activity will be invited to play during lunch time.

What to do in the event of a disaster ?

1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Do you know how to make a claim with your insurer in case of a disaster? Serge Meloche, Director - Customer Relations and Development at Lussier Dale Parizeau, COOP Insurance Program Broker, will present the standard procedure for dealing with a claim and will answer questions from the participants.

Issues, challenges and solutions for the financing of co-operatives at the end of their operating agreement

1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Many co-operatives at the end of their operating agreement must obtain funding to carry out renovations. For co-operatives with an emphyteutic lease (long term) or those dealing with contaminated soils, the challenge is even greater. However, it is not insurmountable. André Fortin, Account Manager and Strategic Housing Advisor at the Caisse d'économie solidaire, will present the approach developed by his institution to complete the financing of housing co-ops.

Sharing ideas

1:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Participants in the morning workshops will be invited to share their ideas with the whole group in the afternoon as part of a plenary session.

Child care service

Parents who need child care service in order to participate in the Working Group must mention it when registering. Depending on the demand, FECHIMM could offer an on-site service. If the service is not offered, parents will be able to obtain a $15 per hour refund for their childcare expenses.

To participate

You can register for free at the 2019 Working grou by completing the online form (FR) or by calling 514 843-6929, extension 246.