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Privilege program with discounts by category

FHCQ-FECHIMM member cooperatives and their tenant members benefit from discounts on a variety of hardware, renovation and building material products at RONA stores, affiliated hardware stores and Réno Dépôt stores in Quebec. The partnership agreement, which provides for discounts of 3% to 15%, was renewed on August 24, 2021 for a period of two years.

It is valid for purchases made in store only.

To consult the list of participating merchants

Discounts at RONA stores, RONA L'entrepôt and affiliated hardware stores

  • Paint and accessories: 15% off

  • Decoration : 10% of the price

  • Hardware: 10% * Electricity: 10

  • Plumbing: 10% * Hand tools: 10% * Other
    Manual tools: 10% * Portable and stationary power tools: 5

Portable and stationary power tools: 5% * Doors: 3

* Doors: 3
* Mouldings, panelling, ceiling tiles and accessories: 8

  • Floor covering: 5 Kitchen: 5% * Appliances: 5
  • Appliances: 5 Ventilation, heating and air conditioning: 5% * Maintenance products: 5
  • Cleaning products: 5% * Seasonal and horticultural products: 5 Seasonal and horticultural products: 5% * Automotive: 5 Automotive: 5% * Building materials: 3

Forestry and allied forest products: 3% * Windows: 3
* Windows: 3%.

Certain exceptions apply: Not applicable on special order products. Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions.

Procedure to follow to benefit from the discounts

  • To benefit from the privilege discounts, the opening of a cash account is necessary by filling out the attached form and emailing it to

  • Once your account has been opened, you will be able to identify yourself in-store using the phone number associated with the account or via the VIPpro app you have downloaded to your smartphone.

Promotional code for members' personal purchases

To benefit from discounts in corporate stores (RONA and RONA L'entrepôt), member-tenants of housing cooperatives must present their CO-OP Advantage card as well as an ID. Purchases paid by cash or credit card must be charged to the FHCQ-FECHIMM account number 216292.

For more information

Contact Stephany Robinson at 438-872-5290
or by email at