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On this November 22, National Housing Day, the Federation is pleased to present the latest issue of CITÉCOOP magazine. This edition discusses the wind of change that blew at the 2021 AGM and the vision that is guiding the new team of the Board of Directors.

CITÉCOOP also offers an inspiring foray into Vienna, whose housing policies make it a true antidote to the housing crisis. The issue also includes an inclusiveness test, a reflection on living together and tips on board member obligations and maintaining your roof.

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A new vision speaks out
Winds of change blew through the Federation at the last annual meeting. Four women and two men grouped as "The Martines" were elected to open positions on the board of directors.

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Four directions to guide the board's action
Driven by a desire for change, the new FHCQ-FECHIMM Board of Directors team has laid the groundwork for the strategic direction plan it intends to carry out. To guide its action, the board has defined four areas of intervention to evolve the model and propel it to the forefront of housing formulas.

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Red Vienna: an antidote to the housing crisis
Vienna has been a model for social innovation for a hundred years already. As early as the early 1920s, it had the ambition to change society by changing the city with the right to housing as its keystone.

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Is your co-op inclusive? Take the test!
This quiz, developed as part of the "Housing as a Key to Successful Inclusion" project, asks you to assess how inclusive your co-op is.

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